Friday, July 20, 2007

Eurasian Collared Doves

Much excitement here in my neighborhood this morning! There is a bird-watcher/photographer looking for a pair or maybe three collared doves!
These birds are widespread in FLORIDA and we have some in my backyard! Can you believe it?
We knew they weren't mourning doves as the song is different. I was over at Michele P.'s the other day looking at her bird book and I identified the birds I had been seeing but then I noticed their habitat in southern Florida and figured I had the wrong bird. Then I thought maybe they were an escaped pair of pet doves.
Well, apparently I had identified the birds correctly and they ARE spreading across the country.
I have a couple of escaped pigeons right now so I have been keeping the garage open and watching for my birds in hope that they will come back for food. I am still hoping they will come home as they have before! Here is a web site called All About Birds that has some info on these birds:
They are beautiful birds but who knows how they will impact native species?
Also on the good news front, I have baby pigeons! They seem nice a fat so all seems to be going well. I keep my fingers crossed that the parents will continue the good care!
I am off to Madison today to take Michele P. to her post-op check up. And lucky girl, she will get a cast today! I don't know how long she will have to wear it but it is an inconvenience at best! Hope to get in lunch and a little shopping as well. If Michele is up to it, that is!
Talk to you later,
French Word-A-Day: gueule-de-loup
la gueule-de-loup (gul-duh-loo) noun, feminine
1. wolf's mouth
2. snapdragon

....les gueules-de-loup roses baîllaient dans les fentes des pierres...
....the rosy snapdragons gaped in the cracks between the stones...
--from "Les Misérables" by Victor Hugo

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