Sunday, July 29, 2007

Judit Pocs & The Other Great Artists at MFS

Here is a photo of Judit Pocs-very true to what she looks like in person. And as an interesting aside, I am told by my sons that she is "hot"....Very soft spoken and charming!

These are some of her works. What was also startling about her work is her use of color. Just gorgeous!

I didn't take a picture of a wonderful felting landscape the our friend Maryanne had in the gallery at MFS. I am hoping she will bring it to the next String Alongs meeting so you can see it. It has a lovely dream-like quality to it and I hope she will share it with you all.

Susan did a super job on the Midwest Felting Symposium this year and I am so glad I got to be part of it. I loved the class I took with Bobbie Rippberger and I met some really interesting artists. I also love it because my sons were both there at least part of the time so it was nice to share the world of fiber arts with them.

By the way, Patrick's birthday was Friday. He is no longer a teenager! He turned 20 this year and a nicer kid it would be hard to find...not that I am prejudiced or anything. Ha!
Well, they are finally home from helping the vendors pack out so I will sign off and find out how the grunt work went.
Talk to you later,


TM said...

I really missed it! Next year I will be there.
The new photo on the header is a beauty,,something you saw this weeekend?

Lynda said...

Yes Nuno felting. Isn't it lovely?
It is a lot of work but so beautiful...