Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wedding Dish Towels

I finished the fourth wedding dish towel today. I still have a towel with peas on to finish for the set. Will work on it tomorrow at crafting. Aren't these cute? I got inspired by a friend at Craft center who had been stitching some towels for her daughter. Then I started looking around on line and found some bloggers and vendors for vintage patterns. I have some towels that I inherited from my mother in law and my Aunt Pauline. I just love using these big flour sack
towels so I hope my niece will enjoy them too!

How about this-my second post of the day!
Talk to you soon with pictures of the dry shawl!

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gail said...

My grandmother also made dishtowels, but she didn't want to "waste" time embroidering. She used some type of ball point fabric paint. Not nearly as nice as embroidering.