Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What! A Post From String Alongs!!!

Yes I will admit it has been a long time but I haven't been myself for a good month and now that I had a transfusion of three units of someone else's blood, I feel like myself again! Isn't medicine amazing??

Well what have I been doing other than languishing on the couch, you might ask? First I will admit I have been watching much trashy TV-daytime tv is a wasteland! I am addicted (get it?) to Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I LOVE Dr. Drew. Always have, since way back when he did a call in show about sex with that disgusting Jimmy Kimmel. Proves how much I love Dr. Drew that I would watch ANYTHING with Jimmy Kimmel in it! This compelling true account of addiction, healing, and redemption is being supervised with great compassion and insight by renowned addiction and recovery expert Dr. Drew Pinsky, Medical Director of the Department of Chemical Dependency Services at Southern California's Las Encinas Hospital, and host of the long-running radio and television advice series LOVELINE".

I have never been a fan of reality shows and I am sick and tired of MTV and VH1 using them instead of music videos. I think it is a lame way to make tv with out spending any money BUT-it gets right down to the compassion and intellegence of Dr. Drew. I would take my troubles to him any day.

I am so sad about the writer's strike! No new episoded of Ugly Betty! Thursday nights just lay there with nothing to revive them. Believe me, This Old House is just not the same. I love the fellows on Ask This Old House too but it is just not the same-where is the fashion? Where is the backstabbing? They have got to get this thing settled, and soon! I am going to forget my favorites and start reading in the evening too! I do most of the day so I suppose I could just get more books! But what about the Oscars!! I'll be honest, I don't usually watch the Oscars, as such. I watch the shows later about the fashion, hairstyles, jewelry, and the dumb stuff people say when they accept! Kind of all pared down to just the stuff I am interested in.

I am making a short trip out today as I have to get a dressing change on the port that they put my chemo into me through. I am looking forward to being out of the house for a short time. I am told to stay away from crowds or anywhere there might be people with colds. This is because I have a very low white blood cell count, so it is off to the clinic and straight home, BUT nice to get out for a little while anyhow!
Well, I am glad to have a chance to talk to you today and hope to do so again real soon,
Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn't have in your home.
David Frost

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